Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well, it has been a little longer than normal since I have posted last. I always start my posts off with the famous "well", did you notice that? I'm sure. Anyway, life has been pretty good. I have been soo out of energy the past few weeks and have been getting dull headaches in the late afternoon of each day. I have not been feeling myself... but needless to say, life still goes on. The 4th was different this year. I was expecting to spend it with my husband, but he did work all day. Instead, I went to Old Sturbridge Village with my family. That evening Kyle came over to my parents and we had a cookout with a good game of Apples to Apples. Then a few of us headed to the fireworks in Millbury. The streets and traffic were insane, but we did find a place to park and a random lawn to sit on! Everyone was doing that. The fireworks shot up behind True Value and we were across the street from that, so we got a very good view!

I am currently sitting at Starbucks, waiting for my sweetie pie to pick me up. He goes to the headquarters and drops me off at either Panera or Starbucks so I don't have to wait for him in the car for up to an hour or more until he has his car loaded. Good deal for me! I am enjoying myself here, including the asiago bagel and iced coffee. Mm. ;)

I recently got back on facebook, so I spend more time on there now instead of the blog, but I plan to keep up with my blog! I can't write long posts like this on facebook, so that's no good. I tend to be longwinded and like to write, so "In My World" will continue to stick around!

My wedding photos came in a bit ago, so I have been filling picture frames and putting them on my walls. I still have more work to do with the photos. I really want to get a scrapbook or album to put them in. A scrapbook would take a lot of time, so we will see. My little apartment is looking rather homey and I am glad. I'm sure we will be moving as soon as Kyle can find a job in Maine, but I still want my home to be comfortable for me, no matter how long I am here.

Well, I will go. Kyle should be here soon. Off to a good day at work with my honey...