Thursday, October 20, 2011

No internet

Well we are moved into our new place, but we do not have anything hooked up yet. Like heat and internet... But we do have hot water so its all good. I'm using my phone to blog tonight... Hopefully I can pull my house together soon so I can post pictures of the new place. It is much nicer than our last place with more room! I'm so thankful and excited.

But anyway that's it for now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dining set!

This is my awesome deal I found on Craigslist! Almost brand new.

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Does the title hint at anything?!?!

I'm so busy. But I am happy with that. At least at night I fall asleep after two minutes. That might be linked with exhaustion, but hey, it's okay. I have been working at the new apartment almost every day. Painting, cleaning, painting... the painting is a long process, especially when dad wants to do extra things that slow me down. But he is such a good contractor in that he always wants to do things right and fix them even when other people would just look over it! I have painted all the trim and baseboard in the house white so it really makes the walls pop and gives it a fresh, clean look! I've been able to paint colors in most of the rooms, which also helps with the appearance. I try to get over there in the late mornings and get started, then come home late afternoon and work on packing. By the end of the day, I can't keep my eyes open. I am certainly getting a lot of exercise and am keeping busy.

Today I didn't work at the house because I was waiting for the mudding on the ceiling to dry... so wouldn't you know, today I did not feel well and had to take a nap. THAT is what happens when I stop for breath!

Tomorrow I have my housekeeping job in the morning then I will go right over to finish the painting. I should be done tomorrow and then it is clean, clean, clean to make it ready for all my stuff! We are moving it all in on Saturday. There are still a bunch of other things to get done, but some of those can be done after moving.

It is nice to be seeing new colors in the trees as the days get colder. I think it will be an okay fall as long as the weather stays cold... I so wish we could take a trip north to see the foliage, but the driving around here will have to do! I am so excited to go apple picking with my hubby... if that ever happens. I really hope so! Part of the fun of apple picking at a farm is the homemade apple cider donuts! Mm-mmm.

Well I need to get to bed. Long day tomorrow... but I am ever excited! Can't wait to share before and after pictures... it will be a major transformation when it is done!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good day

Today was a change-up with the weather, but I did love it even still. Rain is okay once in a while. C'mon, it's fall! Was pretty chilly again today and it just made me wanna cuddle under my fleece blanket all day and do nothing... but needless to say, there was much to do. Kyle and I got up this morning and headed over to look at the house my parents purchased... well actually it is a triple-decker home that they are renting out. And guess who is renting from them? My sister and her husband get the 2nd floor and guesie who gets the first? Haha, yep. We decided to rent from them, seeing as it is a MUCH nicer place than we have now and there are so many pros to the decision to move. Really, there are. I am so excited to get all of my things into there. For so long, Kyle and I have been living out of bins (well, our clothes have) and a lot of my furniture and other items have not yet made it out of my parent's attic because we don't have room for it here. All that to say, we are moving. And I'm so excited. Three weeks and I will be onto a first floor beautiful apartment with more space and my own porch!! Lol. I've been bugging Kyle to promise me we will buy pumpkins and mums to put on our porch... I think he's gotten the point. Haha.

We came home and tidied up the house a bit together (always so much more fun). I went and got bloodwork done this afternoon then headed to church to deliver my JOY club and Kid's Club snack. Fruit kabobs with a variety of fruit on them... along with a fruit dip. Went over really well with the older kids and adults... the young-ins weren't so fond of it, but it was better than a highly packed sugar sweet. :)

And now I have a chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. Perfect for a cold, rainy evening. I decided to whip up some Parmesan biscuits as well. Mmm-mm.

Friday, September 16, 2011

It was freezing when I woke up this morning. That was probably because I left the windows open last night, thinking it would be nice for some fresh air. I think I got the air part of it just fine, but let's add cold to that. It really was freezing. I mean, yeah, we are used to all this warm weather, so of course our first really chilly morning is a shock! I woke up wicked excited about the weather though, and craved a hot drink. Everyone (and I mean, everyone) has been talking about the pumpkin spice coffee being out lately, so of course I craved a pumpkin spice latte. Fortunately for me, my husband was finding the need for a coffee as well.... and so we headed to DD to get our fill of yummy deliciousness. For some very strange reason he got an iced coffee (???) while I got the hot stuff. :)

It is such a gorgeous day, but I must say, this chilly air will take getting used to. I am still barefoot, and I am sure I will be for most of fall... but I have to admit, my feet are a bit chilly!

I am happy to say, that my husband gave his notice today and will be done working for his current job on Friday. If any of you know about his job, you know that it wasn't what it was made out to be in the beginning. It's been a very bumpy ride working for the company and there are a lot of confusing (not to mention illegal) ways they run their business, mostly in how they treat their employees. So he will be working for another transportation company the following week. We are hoping this makes things a little better, even though we are still looking for a full time job with benefits, because we really do need the health insurance. So we are happy to be making a move in the right direction, at least, and washing our hands of this other company!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and where has this week gone!? Sometimes the week drags on, but this week sure hasn't. Hope everyone is adjusting to the cooler weather... enjoy it!

Hopefully next post will contain more great news... ;)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ahhh-llergies! :-|

I love this new set-up on blogger. It's so updated and cool... but will take a little getting used to! I know, it's been a long time. But to be honest, there is really nothing too exciting to blog. Except for the fact that this weather is magnificent and I LOVE fall to death.

We are still here - in the city - with the traffic - trying to figure life out. Kyle's been looking for a new job, but so far... well, you get the picture. I have one of my cleaning jobs back, so that is one more thing to put in the schedule, but I am still not as busy as I should be, really. Right now, allergy season is in full force, so I haven't been feeling too great. A few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of little itchy (annoying) red bumps all over the soles of my feet and the sides of my fingers. I couldn't figure out what it was, so after a week or so of itchy misery (it got waaay worse at night) I went to the doctor. And she said it was a case of eczema... a not-so-common case that usually only affects the hands and feet (hmmm) and gets worse at night (another hmm). I wasn't too thrilled with the solution. I was to take Benadryl every 4-6 hours (which makes me wicked drowsy!) and I was ordered a medicated hydrocortizone cream from the pharmacy... Didn't really help an awful lot, but it got me some better sleep, for sure. So those were a nasty coupla weeks right there.

And now. Now, I feel like itching my nose off and ripping my eyeballs out. I hate anything itchy... not to mention all this sneezing. Goodness...

But anyway, God is good. And so is my chocolate. But nothing is in comparison to God's goodness. He has provided for us and I know He always will.

Anyway, I'm going to wrap this one up and top it with a bow. ;) Hope everyone else is enjoying this gorgeous weather as much as I am. More to come hopefully soon...

Love and hugs to all!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It is a beautiful evening. The sun decided to come out after all (thank you, Lord!). Nice and comfortable weather. I love having the windows open for that fresh air - I can't wait to live in the country or on a quieter street so it will be peaceful, rather than hearing traffic and sirens all day! But I am thankful that I have a place to live. :)

My hubby and I will be headed to Maine on Thursday evening and I absolutely cannot wait. We are excited for this little vacation even if it is only for a few days. We have so many things planned, and hopefully we can get it all in. ;)

Tonight I randomly felt like making cookies, so I did. I had gotten some molasses a little bit ago and decided to go with Giant Ginger Cookies.

And we are having salad with grilled chicken tonight. Mm, I am really in the mood for a good, fresh salad with  chicken! Well I need to go finish dinner... enjoy your evening! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sorry for the few days of not writing...

My dear husband caught a cold a few days ago and passed it on to me... or at least I feel like I'm getting it. My throat has been feeling scratchy and I have been sort of "blah".

It's a rainy evening, and I am loving it. Today has been spent working around the house at a leisurely pace and I am glad it gets to end with a nice romantic, rainy evening with my hubby. He's bring back supplies to start our supper, which I thought with tonight being kinda icky out we should make a soup. So I'm making French Onion Soup (my first time) and we are going to chow on that  and watch a movie. Sounds great, right? I opened the windows for the fresh smelling air. On some particular days, I just love rain.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Blue Cheese Slaw on the Food Network

Looking for a new recipe to try? I am a huge fan of Food Network, and 9 times out of 10 I am watching their channel on TV. Before we were married, we were watching Food Network one day and were dying with envy as we watched the guy make these buffalo chicken sandwiches. Kyle is a rather obsessed with anything buffalo, so he asked me if we could try to make them sometime. Back when we were engaged I would make trips up to Maine for the weekend, and vise-versa. So one weekend we tried them... of course it is always so much more fun cooking together. They came out so very good!

Tonight we are having our big family over for dinner. In our little, tiny apartment... where there's not much space for everybody, but we have wanted to have people over for a while. And after asking Kyle 10 times what I should make for dinner, he remembered the buffalo chicken sandwiches! So here's the recipe - you've GOT to try it. So good! And if you don't want to bread your own chicken, just buy it frozen. Or if you don't even like the spicy buffalo chicken, leave it without the sauce. But don't forget the Blue Cheese slaw! The flavors from the chicken and the slaw marry together and have amazing flavor. I'm telling you, it will be worth trying. ;D And a good way to keep it from getting messy is using waxed paper to wrap your sandwich up in, kind of like Red Robin. Okay, time to go.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Blue Cheese Slaw on the Food Network

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogging on my phone

Wow, I never really even thought I would ever use my phone to blog, but I wanted to try it! This could be handy, especially when I have something to share and don't want to forget it. Lol.

I'm out working with Kyle, basically just keeping him company in the car. It's going to be a late night. He worked today, came home for a couple hours, then went back at 7 and picked me up on the way to go on this late night run. We are somewhere out western MA.

By the time we get home I will be tired... And maybe cranky. ;)

I'm getting this photo printed to put in the house... it's by my sister who has a photography blog called, Life Through The Lens. It's to the right listed under blogs I follow.

Beaded Bracelets

So I went to Michaels yesterday looking for Polymer Clay to start making my own jewelry. I could not find it though, so I decided to try Crystazzi pearls and make a few bracelets to see  where it would lead, if I liked doing it, if they even could turn out somewhat pretty. And here was the result:

I liked the result! And I am actually probably just going to wear these myself. I already have a few opinions on them and they were all good. So... I will try the Polymer Clay next time and it will be so much more of a personalized item. I've been doing a lot of researching and have found a lot of sites that I like. It might be worth trying to sell eventually. One of my favorite sites I came across today was on It's like Etsy, but Australian. Her company is called Little Viking Girl and her stuff is SO cute. Click here to see her items.

I really need to go get some things done. Until later,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There must be a problem with blogger, because it will not save my HTML for my background! Two days in a row. C'mon blogger, let's get back to normal! Ugh. The little things in life...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Excuse my blog background. I have been having trouble with it today and it won't let me save anything... a pretty one will be up soon! Hopefully...


Just trying out my new signature, and it works! Love it. :)


It's August. I was married a little over two months ago! Seems like I have been married longer now and so much has happened, yet it's only been two months. I can only imagine what the next few years of my life is going to be like as I get used to being married and getting settled into our "life" together. We aren't really settled here, and I know there will be a lot of new things ahead, so I am fully prepared. :)

There isn't too much new here. I didn't have my computer working for over a week, so that was a little bummer, especially since Kyle needed it to start his Law Enforcement Pre-Service classes... the day he went to start them, the power cord completely went. Figures.

I have done a lot of work on my house recently. I keep telling people there will be pictures posted soon, but there is one more project I need to work on before I am ready to post pictures of my new painted livingroom and decorations!

We will be taking a few days for a vacation to head up to Maine on the 19th-21st of this month. We are both so excited and can't wait to get back to Kyle's home state! It will be a good break for him especially... he really needs one. :-/

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well, it has been a little longer than normal since I have posted last. I always start my posts off with the famous "well", did you notice that? I'm sure. Anyway, life has been pretty good. I have been soo out of energy the past few weeks and have been getting dull headaches in the late afternoon of each day. I have not been feeling myself... but needless to say, life still goes on. The 4th was different this year. I was expecting to spend it with my husband, but he did work all day. Instead, I went to Old Sturbridge Village with my family. That evening Kyle came over to my parents and we had a cookout with a good game of Apples to Apples. Then a few of us headed to the fireworks in Millbury. The streets and traffic were insane, but we did find a place to park and a random lawn to sit on! Everyone was doing that. The fireworks shot up behind True Value and we were across the street from that, so we got a very good view!

I am currently sitting at Starbucks, waiting for my sweetie pie to pick me up. He goes to the headquarters and drops me off at either Panera or Starbucks so I don't have to wait for him in the car for up to an hour or more until he has his car loaded. Good deal for me! I am enjoying myself here, including the asiago bagel and iced coffee. Mm. ;)

I recently got back on facebook, so I spend more time on there now instead of the blog, but I plan to keep up with my blog! I can't write long posts like this on facebook, so that's no good. I tend to be longwinded and like to write, so "In My World" will continue to stick around!

My wedding photos came in a bit ago, so I have been filling picture frames and putting them on my walls. I still have more work to do with the photos. I really want to get a scrapbook or album to put them in. A scrapbook would take a lot of time, so we will see. My little apartment is looking rather homey and I am glad. I'm sure we will be moving as soon as Kyle can find a job in Maine, but I still want my home to be comfortable for me, no matter how long I am here.

Well, I will go. Kyle should be here soon. Off to a good day at work with my honey...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21st Birthday

I'm 21 now. It was my first birthday as a married girl... and my first birthday I didn't spend with my family! We will get together later this week, of course. Kyle and I were given a free night at any (reasonably priced) hotel as a wedding gift, so we decided to use it for my birthday. It was wonderful. Kyle works so much that it gets hard to have too much fun time to spend together, so we were so excited about this little get-away. We went out to dinner after he was done work, then headed over to Greenfield, MA to the Hampton Inn. We got there at 10:30 and had a late night snacking on our dinner leftovers (my favorite thing about eating out!!) and watching TV on the big flatscreen in our room. The hotel was lovely. Perfect room with a Jacuzzi tub, REALLY comfy King bed, the flatscreen TV, a fridge and microwave, cool bathroom vanity (of course I always notice the furniture and decor) and the best continental breakfast I had ever had at a hotel. Food galore... anything you could really want for breakfast was there.

So our hotel experience was awesome. The reason I chose to go there is because I wanted to go to the Yankee Candle Company/Flagship. Which is basically this HUGE building that never ends. Lol. It's not just candles... it's rooms and rooms of candles... so many scents that you have never even heard of. And there's name brand chocolate and candy from special places like Lake Champlain chocolates... then you go over to an area and they have primitive home decor (my fave) and little souvenirs and knick-knacks. Then there's Santa's Workshop where there are tons of toys and thousands of different ornaments as you walk through this winter wonderland. Then there's a Vera Bradley section and other high end (expensive!) things with the coolest dressers and vanities that start at $500 and go up. I wanted every one of them. Kyle only thought I was funny. He didn't like the $999 price tag on one little bureau. But it was so cute. ;)

So to make my overly long story a little shorter... here a few things I got besides our big candle finds:

And them amazingly enough, my husband came home yesterday and randomly wanted to make no-bake cookies. (??) So he did, and they were incredible!! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Wonderful Husband

While stopping for something at the market last night, Kyle saw these and thought of me. :) How sweet... he knocked on the door and I opened it to find the beautiful roses. They are such a pretty pink and add a nice flash of color to our kitchen table! ^.^

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday already?

I feel like the last few days have been a little "off". To start off, Wednesday and Thursday I babysat Ben and Nick and that definitely threw my days off. Lol. I love kids, and I also love having fun with them and trying to make everything "cool". But for some reason these boys just test my patience instead, break everything I own, don't appreciate the things I do, and fight with me. I know, welcome to the world of kids, right? Hmmm... not sure that. Anyway, my days were a little off and my house quickly became a disaster and I haven't gone grocery shopping at all this week.


Today is my catch-up day, but it's Friday! Right? Yeah, it's Friday. I'm already feeling better about my house... I've swept, scrubbed, tidied, sorted, folded, put-away... I still have the mopping to do, the ironing and... the dishes. Haha. The candles have been lit all afternoon and I am enjoying the fresh, clean smelling apartment. 

My gramma recently found this couch cover at L.L. Bean for me (she was an employee there for 10 years, so she is a lucky bum and gets to go to the Employee Store and get things cheap!). Now I am the lucky bum because she found it for me! And it's my favorite - chocolate brown. :)

Noah was with another foster care family while mom and dad were gone on their anniversary trip... so while they were on their way home, the foster care family dropped him by my house for a few hours yesterday until mom and dad came home. He of course had a blast with the two other boys and needless to say the apartment was full of - noise. Noah was actually very good for me... and we even made his favorite corn muffins. :)
Anyway, I better get back to work. There is still a lot to do... and I have a lot of paperwork to get done too! I am glad I am only getting married once in my lifetime... changing your name on everything is a chore and something I would rather not go through again. ;) 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cake Cutting (Hehe)

Photography By Clint Wandell

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Wedding Photos!

Photography By Clint Wandell

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