Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Does the title hint at anything?!?!

I'm so busy. But I am happy with that. At least at night I fall asleep after two minutes. That might be linked with exhaustion, but hey, it's okay. I have been working at the new apartment almost every day. Painting, cleaning, painting... the painting is a long process, especially when dad wants to do extra things that slow me down. But he is such a good contractor in that he always wants to do things right and fix them even when other people would just look over it! I have painted all the trim and baseboard in the house white so it really makes the walls pop and gives it a fresh, clean look! I've been able to paint colors in most of the rooms, which also helps with the appearance. I try to get over there in the late mornings and get started, then come home late afternoon and work on packing. By the end of the day, I can't keep my eyes open. I am certainly getting a lot of exercise and am keeping busy.

Today I didn't work at the house because I was waiting for the mudding on the ceiling to dry... so wouldn't you know, today I did not feel well and had to take a nap. THAT is what happens when I stop for breath!

Tomorrow I have my housekeeping job in the morning then I will go right over to finish the painting. I should be done tomorrow and then it is clean, clean, clean to make it ready for all my stuff! We are moving it all in on Saturday. There are still a bunch of other things to get done, but some of those can be done after moving.

It is nice to be seeing new colors in the trees as the days get colder. I think it will be an okay fall as long as the weather stays cold... I so wish we could take a trip north to see the foliage, but the driving around here will have to do! I am so excited to go apple picking with my hubby... if that ever happens. I really hope so! Part of the fun of apple picking at a farm is the homemade apple cider donuts! Mm-mmm.

Well I need to get to bed. Long day tomorrow... but I am ever excited! Can't wait to share before and after pictures... it will be a major transformation when it is done!

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