Monday, March 19, 2012


Since when did spring weather come around in March... In New England? It's okay with me. This warm weather, sunshine and chirping birds certainly lifts my spirits! That gloomy, winter weather was starting to get rather depressing.

Anyway, this week Kyle and I are at my parents watching Noah. The family decided to sneak away for a few days while they all had their schedules opened up. I will say, I am enjoying it very much! I love being in the country. I also love taking advantage of using the internet and catching up on Food Network shows. :) I have missed having that connection with the internet world, especially being able to blog my life and look up ideas and recipes.

Kyle is currently in the process of going through things with the Maine State Police. He sent in his application a while ago and has an Oral Board on Friday. He's a little nervous, but has been preparing for it for quite a while! I know he will do absolutely great, and am just praying he will have a clear mind as he goes in and answers lots of questions! I know when I am nervous it is so hard to think through things...

I am excited about adding another housecleaning job to my schedule! Now I have a house to clean once every week, so it is nice to have that little extra money coming in. I like to keep busy. Although being home and trying to keep everything in order and be all domestic-like can keep me busy, it is still nice to be able to do something "different" during the week.

Well, we are coming up on our 10 months of being married. I can't believe that in two months we will have been married a year! I know people always say it flies by, but I never expected it to go by THAT fast! With spring being here already (hopefully for good!), it brings back memories of last year when I was busy planning our wedding. Wish I could do it again! I really miss the excitement... just not the stress. Hehe. We hope to be able to get away for a couple days for our anniversary, but we will see!

Well, I am off to lay in the sun! Ahh, today will be tough. ;) Do enjoy this gorgeous weather - we don't always get days like this!

Lots of Love,