Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good day

Today was a change-up with the weather, but I did love it even still. Rain is okay once in a while. C'mon, it's fall! Was pretty chilly again today and it just made me wanna cuddle under my fleece blanket all day and do nothing... but needless to say, there was much to do. Kyle and I got up this morning and headed over to look at the house my parents purchased... well actually it is a triple-decker home that they are renting out. And guess who is renting from them? My sister and her husband get the 2nd floor and guesie who gets the first? Haha, yep. We decided to rent from them, seeing as it is a MUCH nicer place than we have now and there are so many pros to the decision to move. Really, there are. I am so excited to get all of my things into there. For so long, Kyle and I have been living out of bins (well, our clothes have) and a lot of my furniture and other items have not yet made it out of my parent's attic because we don't have room for it here. All that to say, we are moving. And I'm so excited. Three weeks and I will be onto a first floor beautiful apartment with more space and my own porch!! Lol. I've been bugging Kyle to promise me we will buy pumpkins and mums to put on our porch... I think he's gotten the point. Haha.

We came home and tidied up the house a bit together (always so much more fun). I went and got bloodwork done this afternoon then headed to church to deliver my JOY club and Kid's Club snack. Fruit kabobs with a variety of fruit on them... along with a fruit dip. Went over really well with the older kids and adults... the young-ins weren't so fond of it, but it was better than a highly packed sugar sweet. :)

And now I have a chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. Perfect for a cold, rainy evening. I decided to whip up some Parmesan biscuits as well. Mmm-mm.

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