Friday, September 16, 2011

It was freezing when I woke up this morning. That was probably because I left the windows open last night, thinking it would be nice for some fresh air. I think I got the air part of it just fine, but let's add cold to that. It really was freezing. I mean, yeah, we are used to all this warm weather, so of course our first really chilly morning is a shock! I woke up wicked excited about the weather though, and craved a hot drink. Everyone (and I mean, everyone) has been talking about the pumpkin spice coffee being out lately, so of course I craved a pumpkin spice latte. Fortunately for me, my husband was finding the need for a coffee as well.... and so we headed to DD to get our fill of yummy deliciousness. For some very strange reason he got an iced coffee (???) while I got the hot stuff. :)

It is such a gorgeous day, but I must say, this chilly air will take getting used to. I am still barefoot, and I am sure I will be for most of fall... but I have to admit, my feet are a bit chilly!

I am happy to say, that my husband gave his notice today and will be done working for his current job on Friday. If any of you know about his job, you know that it wasn't what it was made out to be in the beginning. It's been a very bumpy ride working for the company and there are a lot of confusing (not to mention illegal) ways they run their business, mostly in how they treat their employees. So he will be working for another transportation company the following week. We are hoping this makes things a little better, even though we are still looking for a full time job with benefits, because we really do need the health insurance. So we are happy to be making a move in the right direction, at least, and washing our hands of this other company!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and where has this week gone!? Sometimes the week drags on, but this week sure hasn't. Hope everyone is adjusting to the cooler weather... enjoy it!

Hopefully next post will contain more great news... ;)


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