Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday already?

I feel like the last few days have been a little "off". To start off, Wednesday and Thursday I babysat Ben and Nick and that definitely threw my days off. Lol. I love kids, and I also love having fun with them and trying to make everything "cool". But for some reason these boys just test my patience instead, break everything I own, don't appreciate the things I do, and fight with me. I know, welcome to the world of kids, right? Hmmm... not sure that. Anyway, my days were a little off and my house quickly became a disaster and I haven't gone grocery shopping at all this week.


Today is my catch-up day, but it's Friday! Right? Yeah, it's Friday. I'm already feeling better about my house... I've swept, scrubbed, tidied, sorted, folded, put-away... I still have the mopping to do, the ironing and... the dishes. Haha. The candles have been lit all afternoon and I am enjoying the fresh, clean smelling apartment. 

My gramma recently found this couch cover at L.L. Bean for me (she was an employee there for 10 years, so she is a lucky bum and gets to go to the Employee Store and get things cheap!). Now I am the lucky bum because she found it for me! And it's my favorite - chocolate brown. :)

Noah was with another foster care family while mom and dad were gone on their anniversary trip... so while they were on their way home, the foster care family dropped him by my house for a few hours yesterday until mom and dad came home. He of course had a blast with the two other boys and needless to say the apartment was full of - noise. Noah was actually very good for me... and we even made his favorite corn muffins. :)
Anyway, I better get back to work. There is still a lot to do... and I have a lot of paperwork to get done too! I am glad I am only getting married once in my lifetime... changing your name on everything is a chore and something I would rather not go through again. ;) 

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  1. Awwwh! They're so cute! ;) They all look like they could be brothers!