Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Home

Well, our apartment is not completely furnished... and the walls are quite bare, but I wanted to post some photos of it so you all could get a peak. :) So here we go...

So first we start off with my kitchen, of course. :) This is the view from the doorway of the livingroom.

Next onto our bathroom.

A convenient little cubby, perfect for my shelving unit.

Our Livingroom is probably one of our most unfinished rooms. Just the couch and TV for now.There will be more pictures later as we finish it.

Our bedroom, also unfinished and NO place to put clothing!

Now down tha hallway. The first door to the left is a  closet crawl space type thing with all of our cleaning supplies and boxes. The second door to the left has all my hanging clothes. Lol. 

This is the door to the right which is our guest room - temporarily serving as a place to  put all of our clothes. 
And that's about it! I can't wait to finish it. Our landlord was supposed to have someone paint the livingroom, but that never happened. Since she is so nice, I'm wondering if she would let me paint it? That would be fun and so easy. Anyway, off to my day. Finally able to get some things done with my husband.

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