Monday, June 13, 2011

Every Night...

Every night I try to prepare something good for dinner. Kyle works hard all day, and though I usually pack him a good lunch, he appreciates coming home to a real meal! So last week living here for the first time I wrote out a dinner menu for every day of the week and went shopping based on that. On Friday, I made another menu for this week and went shopping today based on that - and of course lunch and pantry items. Working with a budget may seem tedious, but it is nice when you save money and even have some left over from your budget! I'm working really hard on this, because any extra money helps. And having a planned menu for the week helps me keep on track for the things I only need. 

We received a very cool wedding gift and I am definitely stealing the idea! Someone bought us a very decorative type box and filled it with 2 pretty, square plates, 2 cloth napkins with wicked cool napkin rings, 2 bamboo place mats, and 2 glass goblets. It was the perfect gift for a special dinner meal every so often. Now, I'm sure if you bought that stuff at most places the total would come up to more than I would want to spend. But I believe T.J Maxx and Marshalls has all of that stuff at a really good deal. So the point of me telling you this is...

Our special meal where we used our new things... and we felt pretty special too. :)

Butter biscuit, corn, rice, balsamic chicken & grape juice. :)

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