Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been so sick these past few days. Today I'm doing better and have been tackling my house-work. Believe it or not, things have been piling up, especially dishes... a dishwasher would be nice, but I am okay with washing it all by hand. I'm not sure if it was my allergies or a cold... at first I thought it was my allergies, but nothing was really itchy. Hmm... I took Benadryl on Sunday after warning Kyle what it did to me. I slept for 4 hours that afternoon and woke up soo out of it!

Last week was really busy. The surprise anniversary party for my parents went over well... we were exhausted at the end of the day though. I was so glad we were able to throw a party for them though. I think it will be something special for them to look back on. Right now they are on their 2nd honeymoon... good for them!

Babysitting Ben & Nick this week should be fun. Two full days of them and me - yikes. I did it last year, but this time it is at my house with not a whole lot to do. I'm thinking of using them as my little slaves and having them help me grocery shop and lug all the bags up the stairs... ha. Like that will ever happen. I can't even get them to put their trash in the trashcan, let alone exert a little energy into helping me do something. If I could show you my irritated face over the internet right now, I would. Those boys are the biggest handful ever. Enough said.

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