Wednesday, June 29, 2011

21st Birthday

I'm 21 now. It was my first birthday as a married girl... and my first birthday I didn't spend with my family! We will get together later this week, of course. Kyle and I were given a free night at any (reasonably priced) hotel as a wedding gift, so we decided to use it for my birthday. It was wonderful. Kyle works so much that it gets hard to have too much fun time to spend together, so we were so excited about this little get-away. We went out to dinner after he was done work, then headed over to Greenfield, MA to the Hampton Inn. We got there at 10:30 and had a late night snacking on our dinner leftovers (my favorite thing about eating out!!) and watching TV on the big flatscreen in our room. The hotel was lovely. Perfect room with a Jacuzzi tub, REALLY comfy King bed, the flatscreen TV, a fridge and microwave, cool bathroom vanity (of course I always notice the furniture and decor) and the best continental breakfast I had ever had at a hotel. Food galore... anything you could really want for breakfast was there.

So our hotel experience was awesome. The reason I chose to go there is because I wanted to go to the Yankee Candle Company/Flagship. Which is basically this HUGE building that never ends. Lol. It's not just candles... it's rooms and rooms of candles... so many scents that you have never even heard of. And there's name brand chocolate and candy from special places like Lake Champlain chocolates... then you go over to an area and they have primitive home decor (my fave) and little souvenirs and knick-knacks. Then there's Santa's Workshop where there are tons of toys and thousands of different ornaments as you walk through this winter wonderland. Then there's a Vera Bradley section and other high end (expensive!) things with the coolest dressers and vanities that start at $500 and go up. I wanted every one of them. Kyle only thought I was funny. He didn't like the $999 price tag on one little bureau. But it was so cute. ;)

So to make my overly long story a little shorter... here a few things I got besides our big candle finds:

And them amazingly enough, my husband came home yesterday and randomly wanted to make no-bake cookies. (??) So he did, and they were incredible!! :)

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