Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sorry for the few days of not writing...

My dear husband caught a cold a few days ago and passed it on to me... or at least I feel like I'm getting it. My throat has been feeling scratchy and I have been sort of "blah".

It's a rainy evening, and I am loving it. Today has been spent working around the house at a leisurely pace and I am glad it gets to end with a nice romantic, rainy evening with my hubby. He's bring back supplies to start our supper, which I thought with tonight being kinda icky out we should make a soup. So I'm making French Onion Soup (my first time) and we are going to chow on that  and watch a movie. Sounds great, right? I opened the windows for the fresh smelling air. On some particular days, I just love rain.

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