Friday, April 27, 2012

May is almost here! A year ago I was very busy in the preparation for our wedding... it was an exciting time and so very hectic... but I kind of miss it. I have something fun to look forward to in a couple weeks though! I recently purchased a Groupon getaway deal for our 1 year anniversary. I knew it would be important to get away and have some time away from our busy life. Kyle always is working and we hardly have much time to just relax together and have fun. So I have two nights booked at an adorable inn in Southern Vermont. It's not too far away, yet far enough for us to feel like we are "getting away". I'm really excited and can't wait! We'll be going to 11th-13th of May, so I think it will be perfect before all of the summer rush begins.

On top of that, Kyle has been moving right along in the hiring process for the Maine State Police. He has passed the Oral Board, gotten through the background interview, and now is waiting to hear back to see if he passed that. We should hear within the next two weeks, I'm assuming. There are still a few more steps. If he can pass everything, he will most likely be in the police academy by fall... but that is only if it continues to go at a good pace and he can pass everything else. We are praying that this might be "the year" that we have been waiting for. I know that it would be a long and hard year, but it will be good to finally be to the place we have been talking about for years.

 Thanks for reading and keeping up with my blog even though I am not always able to post! Have a lovely day. :)

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