Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prenatal Visit #4

Another prenatal appointment come and gone... I know there are many more in my future but it seems like this last month has flown by. My sister came with me this time and was excited to hear the baby's little heart beat! I was finally able to meet with the midwife I chose from the beginning and I really liked her. I would like to see her as much as I can through the rest of my pregnancy.  Hopefully I can get some appointments scheduled way in advance so I can get to know her better. She works out of Westborough as well so it makes it a little bit difficult to be able to see her every time.

As for me, I am doing well. The midwife said my belly is growing right on track, my blood pressure was perfect finally, and my weight gain is in an acceptable range. She commented on how great my skin looked, meaning I have no stretch marks on my belly as of yet! Surprising, but true! It was a really good visit and I came away excited and encouraged. I've been worrying all month about gaining weight because my belly has gotten so big , but it was encouraging to be able to talk to her and find out I am doing just fine.

My next appointment will be the glucose test so I get to drink that yummy sugary stuff that everyone keeps talking about (ick!). I am really hoping that my body reacts fine to all the sugar , and that all will be well.

On another exciting note, I just discovered today that when the baby gives me a good hard kick my belly moves! That is really cool. I can't wait to show my husband... He will get a kick out of it. No pun intended. Haha!

Guess that is about it for now. I will most likely post another fruit photo and information about the baby's growth in a few days. I am traveling for a wedding on Friday morning though, so no promises !

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  1. I remember putting my hand on my sister-in-law's stomach and being able to feel my nephew kick. Best thing ever! Her belly also looked lopsided sometimes when he was in certain positions, and she could see him rolling around =P Be prepared for many interesting shapes in the next few months, haha! If you have a phone that can take videos, you may want to try to catch a few at some point.

    Glad everything is going well. Praying for you and little baby!