Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2 Months Old

My little girl officially turned 2 months on the 3rd. It's hard to believe, yet it seems like she has just always been with us! I'm sure you moms know the feeling...

Her 2 month check-up was last Thursday - the day where the icky road conditions began. Thankfully we made it to the office safely, and thankfully we were scheduled for a morning appointment! Our peanut is still a peanut at 9lb. 11oz. and 22 inches long. Her doctor was happy with the development though and was not worried one bit about her weight. One thing for slight concern was her head... because she favors her right side, her head has become a little misshaped. I have noticed ever since she was born that she loves to turn her head to her right side. She sleeps like that most of the time. Had I know, I would have tried to prevent it from becoming a habit. Buuut, I didn't, so now she has a slight bulge on one side of her head. Like I said, not anything for great concern, because it can be helped with massaging her neck and trying to get her to stretch it to the other side too. Since she is only two months old, her head has much more growing to do before it is anything permanent.

2 months 
A few days old.

Layla is now smiling and talking away to people, things on the walls, and the ceiling. It is so fun to watch her! We have started cloth diapering. The diapering part is easy... the cleaning part, not so much. I know it will be once we have it figured out, but I still am not getting clean diapers until they are washed umpteen-million times. It is actually not the diapers themselves as much as the cloth liners that go in them. I'm still experimenting... each diaper brand is different, and I know certain cleaning methods work for certain diapers.

She is still sleeping pretty well during the night. Of course we have our nights (like last night!) where she wakes up every few hours. But for the most part, she is sleeping anywhere from 4-7 hours at a time. Four being the very least, and seven is the most ever. Most nights, she is able to fall asleep on her own after being fed, changed, and bundled up. That is a new thing for her, since before I was having to hold her until she fell into a deep sleep.

We are looking forward to the many new developments in the next month or two! It is exciting when we reach new milestones. Like the smiling... it made Kyle and me so overjoyed to see our daughter smiling and cooing at us. :) Having a baby around is good for the soul!

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