Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Busy December

It may seem like I have dropped off the planet, but no, I'm still here! Just caught up in tons of Christmas projects! Making a lot of your own Christmas gifts can be really fun, but it also is time consuming! Yesterday, I printed out pretty labels for each of the items I crafted. I also made gift tags with my own rendition of calligraphy. I am really pleased with how everything has turned out this year and am excited to give them! Some years I feel so ambitious to get gifts made and in the end I don't make nearly all I had planned... but this year has been quite successful. I am excited to share pictures later of the handmade items.

The reason for getting my gifts done early is because this weekend we have our first "Christmas" (out of many!) with Kyle's parents. We are looking forward to the trip up to Maine to share some time with our family and just relax. Tomorrow will be spent doing some baking, packing and last minute preparation before the trek North. And cleaning my house that is cluttered with gifts. Haha.

I also have very good news. My husband will finally be able to work a "normal" job!!! He got hired by W.B. Mason and will start driving on Monday. What a HUGE praise. We have been praying for a year and a half that God would provide something different for Kyle, and now here we are. The best part is that he will have better hours and will be around more often. And another plus is that I will have the car whenever I need it!! It's so rewarding after such a long time to finally have a prayer answered. :)

I'll have to catch up more at another time. I hope to get some photos of my house all decorated for the holiday, but at the rate, I'm not sure yet.

Hope you all are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year! ;)

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