Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinterest Recipes

So there are some recipes that I have made recently that I found off of Pinterest, and they are keepers. I have tried many recipes over time, and some just aren't really that fantastic. But the ones that I love, I must share!

I was given a donut pan for Christmas and was so excited! I have been wanting to make baked  donuts for some time, but haven't had the pan. I found a recipe on Table For Two, and love it. It's simple and easy to change up if you need to.

I have even made this recipe without the egg because I didn't have any and it was still awesome! And, I've even made it with whole wheat flour and they still were amazing. So if you are interested in making donuts that are really easy, yummy and not really bad for you, then here it is. ;) I also substitute the cinnamon in the sugar coating with Pumpkin Pie spice and it is sooo yummy.

Next recipe I have only made once, but I am so excited about. I am not a bread maker. I have tried and tried to make bread, but I can never get it to come out fluffy. It's always so dense and dry. So I came across this recipe on Pinterest and tried it out. It is from Simply So Good, and is so easy. I am really into the easy stuff when it comes to bread. When I heard it was no-knead, I was even more enthused.

My first loaf came out pretty good, actually, and we finished it all. Most of my loaves of bread are never finished and end up in the trash! With this recipe, you mix the ingredients and leave it in a bowl on the counter for 18 hours. Then bake. It's that simple.

Anyway, there are a couple of good recipes that I wanted to pass along. With both recipes, there is room to experiment with flavors and such, so eventually I may come up with my own tweak of the recipe and share it someday.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Your blog looks gorgeous!! I loved your last post too on all of your homemade things! You should keep doing that!