Monday, February 4, 2013

The Big LOVE Day!

 It's February! Can you believe how fast the first month of the year went by? I can't. I feel like January was the month for taking a break from projects and such since my whole entire month of December was full of it! Now February is here and I am back in DIY mode again. I'd like to work on at least one project a month this year, whether it is just something small or big.

I like to try to make Valentine's Day special for my man. I usually create an elegant meal for the
evening and a decadent dessert. Of course he receives a lovey Valentine's Day card plastered with hearts and all that. This year I would like to try to do more to make it extra special. That's where Pinterest comes in handy. ;) I've come across a couple things to add to my agenda for the night, and am excited to get started soon. After all, it is next week!

After taking all the Christmas decor down, my home looked so bare. So to add my own personal touch for our romantic dinner and evening together, I've decided to make this paper heart chain. Hey, paper chains aren't only for kids, you know! It is cheap, simple and quick. Why not? :)

I'm not sure about my meal plans yet, but I do have an idea for dessert. Since I will be making something for a banquet we are having at church a few days before, I am going to try to keep our dinner date dessert simple. I found this dessert idea and thought it looked festive for the occasion. I will definitely be tweaking it a bit. After reading the recipe, I think I will add some brownies to the layers and try to find a strawberry flavored pudding, rather than using food coloring.

Lastly, if you have not heard of The Dating Divas, you should totally check out their website and join... for free, of course! It is a wonderful site for keeping your marriage alive with date ideas they send you every week via email. It includes free printables many times, DIYs, at-home dates, etc. I have used a lot of their ideas and am so thankful for a site that is clean, but shares tons of creative ways to have fun with your Hubby! And for those that have children and no time to get away, they have cool ways to involve (or work around) the kids with some of "dates" at home. I will be using a few things from them for the rest of our date together. ;)