Friday, February 8, 2013

Heart Shaped Strawberries

Someone else has obviously come up with this idea I'm sure, but it just came to mind the other day for me! I am planning to make a strawberry snack for the kids at our church during club this week and wanted to be creative since it is close to Valentine's Day. Then the thought of making heart shaped strawberries hit me. So here's a cute idea for dressing up an ordinary snack for kids, or your sweetie! I plan to top them with whipped cream.
All you do is cut a V in the top of the strawberry, turn halfway, then slice.

My pictures may be poor quality since I am blogging from my phone... I'm kinda stuck inside for the day with this blizzard! I am rather excited to get snowed in, though, so it's all good. ;)

I also have a new recipe I experimented with today. I'll post about it later… It smells so good right now! ;)

I'm getting some baking done early in case we lose power. The kitchen is the best place to be right now since our heat isn't working! :-/

Stay safe out there!

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