Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Healthy Habit

I know, I know, it has been forever since I have posted anything health related, but I haven't given up on that area of my life! It has just sort of been a little crazy around here to focus solely on health and fitness.

We make it a priority to eat healthy, balanced meals in our house, yet the whole fitness area has lacked immensely. Ever since my husband started his new job, our schedule has turned upside down. It has been great having him come home each evening to stay. Yet, every night he comes home, he heads straight to the gym and I am left to prepare dinner. No complaints with getting dinner on the table, but there is no space for me to get to the gym with him! I am going to have to get my own gym membership so I can go during the day... but it has helped to have healthy meals and snacks to keep my weight in check.

I'm happy to say that I have not gained all my weight back and have stayed in the same basic area for over two months. I believe that has all happened because of how we eat. And if I can get exercise on top of it all (which I am going to do!), the two will work together and I will be one healthy chickie. :)

To get into eating more fruits (which is what I am always needing), I have found this to be quite helpful in attaining that goal:
Buy fresh fruits at the beginning of the week, chop them all up, and make a yummy fruit salad! You can keep it in the fridge all week and scoop a little out each day for a healthy breakfast or snack (or stash in plastic containers to take to work). This has helped me to eat more fruit and it is soo delicious and refreshing! I love chilled fruit. Mmm. You can put whatever you wish in yours, but I stick with pineapple, strawberries, apples and bananas. The banana is kept out of the salad... just slice it on top when you are ready to eat. It really completes the salad. Fruits kind of give your body that jump start it needs for the day. In Weight Watchers, I have heard that fruit counts as zero points, so eat all the fruit you want! I would like to say eat 100% organic fruit, but I know that isn't always possible.

I am giving myself an attainable goal. I'll be in a wedding in July and want to look my best. So I figure if I lose 5 1/2 pounds a month, I will reach my goal of weight loss for the entire year! That is such an easy goal (hopefully) and I am really excited after looking at the overall picture. Seems like a lot when I say 30 pounds... but when I space it out and have a goal, it is much easier to get excited about.

Hope this is encouraging to those out there who are in the same boat. It all takes work, but it's worth it... as always. ;)

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