Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 11

Week 11 is here and not many changes have taken place yet. The only things reminding me I am pregnant is the constant fatigue and headaches that pop up out of nowhere at any given time!

My first prenatal visit was today, and lasted for quite a time. I got to meet my first nurse midwife and she did a full physical exam, a couple tests, and then tried to check for the baby's heartbeat. Unfortunately, it is either too early to hear or she wasn't able to find it in time before her tool (what is it called again?) died. I was quite disappointed, as I was expecting to hear that miraculous sound for the first time today. She was very kind, though, and offered for me to come back in 2 weeks if I really wanted to hear the heartbeat before my next appointment in 4 weeks! We did hear the baby moving around a lot, so that was reassuring. :)

I seem to be pretty healthy, though my blood pressure was a bit high and my heart rate seemed high too. She checked my heart multiple times throughout the visit and it remained the same, so we are assuming that is "normal" for me. Thankfully, I have not gained any weight (I have actually lost a couple pounds) and seem to be on track with everything. I was so glad when she didn't try to push me into getting genetic screening and testing done later on. I said NO to all of that and she was perfectly okay with that. She was also happy to hear I planned to breastfeed, so it is nice to have a midwife (or at least one of them) who is okay with those decisions.

May 30th is my next appointment, so by then I am sure I will have a bump! I am planning to start taking pregnancy photos this week.

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  1. Exciting! Glad things went well!