Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

For years, my family has planned to take me back to Cape Cod for my birthday. Over the last three years we have been too busy with weddings and such, so this year we planned to go. My father built a house on the Cape for a man he works for ocassionally, and the man will let us stay there anytime we like. So we excitedly headed there on Friday (me and my family - Kyle, Kurt and Coralie had to wait until after work) only to find that the man had given us the wrong keys.  Keep in mind we had coolers of food for the entire weekend that we had to keep cold that whole day. On top of that, we had bought ice cream and milk right before going to the house to find we couldn't get in! Crazy. After 4 hours of trying to contact people and figure out a way to get in, we gave up and decided to head in a totally new direction.

We spent the weekend in Maine and stayed with my grandparents for two nights. It worked out just fine and we traveled to Boothbay Harbor on Saturday to shop and drive along the coast. Sunday afternoon we headed to York and Kittery to drive along the beach and shop the outlets. We did have a great time even though our plans were turned upside down! We were so disappointed after planning that for so long, but oh well!

This was at Bailey's Island and the statue is a man with a lobster in his hands. Lol. Alyssa was taking the picture.

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