Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prenatal Appointment #3

This morning mom and I made our way to St. Vincent's Hospital for another prenatal visit. It was a good visit and I was able to get a lot of my questions answered concerning the birth procedures and such. I met a new midwife and liked her just as much as the last one… So far so good when it comes to them! They are very nice and I was so glad to hear that they will work with me on my preferences when it comes time to have the baby. They are all for natural birth and helping me through that, they typically wait to cut the cord, they are okay with me saying no to vaccines right away, they don't use Pitocin until it is completely necessary when labor is at a standstill, and the list goes on!

The baby's heart rate was around 150-160 (can't remember which!) and it was a steady, strong heartbeat. The baby is very healthy! I am doing well, though my blood pressure was high once again. If it doesn't go down in the next little bit, they will run tests on me and keep a closer eye on the pregnancy. I am hoping it is nothing, but we will see. I have enjoyed knowing I am a low-risk pregnancy so far! It would be nice to keep it that way. The midwife guessed the gender of the baby, as everyone else has been doing. It was more for fun than anything... We will see in 5 days!

...waiting... impatiently. ;)

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