Monday, September 17, 2012

A Busy September

Things have really picked up around here. Our September schedule has been and is packed! I have added two new things to my weekly schedule, which are JOY Club and another house cleaning job. Those seem to fill in the gaps some on top of quite a bit of things going on during the weekends.

A few weeks ago we were able go up to Maine for the weekend and stay at the family "camp" for a night. It was good to cross over the Maine border again and experience the slower life for a couple days. It was very peaceful and quiet at camp, which was what we needed.

Last weekend we went on a family outing with my parents to a corn maze. That was a lot of fun! I had never been through a corn maze, so that was a new experience. After that we went to Kimball Farm in Lancaster, MA for some ice cream. We heard it was awesome ice cream, but we never expected our servings to be as big as they were. My brothers and Kyle had a hard time with the large serving and none of them were able to finish it in one sitting. It was so good.

This weekend we are going away again. This time it is to NH for my sister-in-law's 16th birthday party. My sisters and I are helping coordinate the decorating. I enjoy party planning and am excited about this Saturday when we can put it all together!

So we have been quite busy and in the midst of it all, it has been very hard to get exercising in. Of course that's the problem for many... But I have been watching what I eat and have been getting exercise in many other ways, like both house cleaning jobs, outings, etc. It really isn't the exercise that targets burning a lot of fat, but it has seemed to get me by. I am at the ten pound mark now! That is very exciting and motivating. This week is pretty hectic for me, but I hope to get to the gym tomorrow.

I have JOY club tomorrow, house cleaning for 4 hours then prayer meeting on Wednesday, a ladies' meeting here at my home on Thursday night (which is taking a bit of work to get ready for) and traveling to NH on Saturday morning. Friday will be spent packing, taking a breather, and preparing last minute things for the bday party.

I am glad to be keeping busy, though my body does not seem to want to keep up. Allergies have hit me again with the weather change and I am feeling pretty tired all day.

I'm excited for the rest of this fall season, and can't wait to do more canning and different projects around the house!

There's a lot more that I could go on about, but I'm afraid that would take too long. Hah, shame on me for not keeping up with the blog. It's been almost a year that I have been without internet here at the house, but I am hoping that we will be able to afford it soon. :)

One more note - I am looking to expand my house cleaning. If anyone is interested or knows anyone that would be, please let me know! I would like for friends to refer me to people that they know, so that I will know if the situation is safe or not. If that makes sense…?

Enjoy the evening. I love cool, autumn nights!


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