Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Friday!

I made it through the week! Yay! It has been busy, busy. Today I am recovering a bit and trying to keep my allergies under control as they threaten to take over my day! The change in weather is so awesome, but it give me allergies, and I don't like that. Who does?

My week has been full, and yesterday was quite tiring... and exciting at the same time. :) My sister, Aly, came over for the day to help me finalize some vacuuming and mopping at the house. At 6:30pm the ladies from the church arrived and filled the apartment! It was a bit of a squeeze to get everyone seated for our time of hearing adoption stories from two women, but we did it! It was wonderful to hear how God had blessed the ladies who adopted their children even though they weren't able to have their own babies. It is something to be thinking and praying about if Kyle and I aren't able to have children. My heart goes out to the many children without parents and in foster care that need a family to love them. We think it's worse in other countries, but the statistics for America are just as shocking.

Anyway, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were able to roam around during our time of tea and snacking. Everyone left around 9:45pm.

Kyle came home early last night at about 10:30! That was exciting. There aren't too many nights that he gets back earlier than 11:30pm. He was a wonderful hubby and heated up some rice packs for my back that was aching and I dozed off after taking some antihistamine.

This morning I reluctantly got out of bed so I could have Kyle drop me off at my parent's. I decided to weigh in, wondering what the scale would tell me. I haven't gone to the gym in a while, and am so upset about that. There's not much I can do, though, when Kyle's schedule is so crazy to take me and mine has been busy as well. I think all of my house cleaning has paid off - both the jobs and my own home. I lost TWO MORE pounds! :D So that's 12 pounds total. I have found the secret, and it's this. Don't starve yourself. And if you are going to have a more active day, make sure you eat enough so your body can function. Otherwise it's going to be a battle. In the beginning of my whole determination to get thin again, I was eating very little and being very picky over what I ate. That was good in a way, because it got me into a habit of knowing how many calories were in just about every item I ate. But at the same time, I think my body was in shock from eating so little. Now I don't worry so much about it. I have an occasional ice cream on the weekends, or a sweet from the party. But it's all about what you do in moderation. If I were at the gym 3-4 times a week, I'm sure the weight would fall off at an even faster rate. I'm still happy with 12 pounds gone though. I feel so good, and am really determined to get to the 20 pound mark by November!

Well, I better get some things done now. I'm collecting a bunch of things for my sister-in-law's sweet sixteen party tomorrow. Oh, my busy week is not done yet. ;) I'm excited for it - we have lots planned!

Have a good one,

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