Monday, August 27, 2012

A Long Weekend

So this week was quite a busy week, and it flew by quickly! This weekend was full of a couple different events at church, and of course there was lots of food. There always is, and it is always good food! Anyway, I tried to stay away from anything really bad for me, but I will admit that I didn't do my best. I went off the record for the weekend and that alone scared me... I had a feeling that when I weighed myself this morning I would have gained.

But, I did not. :) I actually lost a pound. Not the 3 that I had wanted, but still awesome for all the extra food I had this weekend. Plus, I shrunk another 1 1/2 inches total! I feel great, and I think my body is finally reacting to my new routine.


Kyle had an interview at W.B Mason last week, which all happened so quickly! He called one day, they called back the next, and the third day he had an interview! We are waiting to hear back and are praying that he will get the driving position... we really need a new job and this would be perfect. Kyle's brother works at W.B Mason and has recommended him to the company several times, so he has a good chance of getting in. The waiting is always the hardest part...

So excited about fall just around the corner. Yesterday after church, we met up with my family in Shrewsbury to shop at Christmas Tree Shop. I picked up a few things to decorate for fall. It's always fun to find deals there. Then we headed to Northborough Crossing to shop at a few places there. We enjoyed being out as a family. Shopping is also a lot of fun when you come away with really good deals! :)

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