Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slow Going

Today being Saturday, I decided to weigh in this morning. Since I normally allow myself a little "cheat" day on Satudays, I figured it might be best to do it this morning instead of waiting until Monday. While doing lots of research, I have found that it is a necessity to have a cheat day... not really to feed my hormones with chocolate and fattening things, but so my body doesn't just shut down. I chose Saturdays to be my cheat days, but I'm sure this will change occasionally with the holidays coming in a few months. These days don't include binge eating, but I do treat myself to a little more than usual and give myself a little break of not being so hard on myself! That was a mouthful. Anyway, back to my weigh in.

I was sooo discouraged when I found my weight hadn't moved ONE BIT since Monday. I was like, how on earth could that be since I worked out almost all 5 days this week and ate so well?!?! I was about to get discouraged about it, when I decided to measure myself based on some measurements I took at the beginning of this whole thing. It boosted my spirits a little to find that I had lost 1/2inch in three different places and more than one inch in another!

It's a slow process, but slow and steady wins the race. I hope that by next weekend I can drop some weight, but we will see.

That's all for now. Hopefully more good news soon!

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