Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy Weeknight Meal

Below is a picture of our dinner tonight. This meal is super duper quick and one of our favorite weekday meals. It's so simple, yet my husband comments on it every time saying it is one of his favorites! It's basically our "burger" night, without all the carbs and calories. Here's how I make it:

- Turkey or chicken burgers (no bun)
- small slice of low-fat cheese
-Asian coleslaw
 (slaw mix, good seasons italian dressing, soy sauce, sugar, dried cranberries)
-Cape Cod low-fat chips 

I season the turkey burgers with an applewood rub and just fry them in a little olive oil in a pan. They stay really moist! The slaw is just a bagged coleslaw mix with Good Seasons Italian salad dressing, low sodium soy sauce, sprinkle of sugar and dried cranberries. It is sooo good! Kyle likes me to make his slaw the good old fashion way, which I really love too. The asian style is just so good though! The Cape Cod chips are kettle cooked and really aren't nearly as bad for you as many other brands. I had one serving of reduced fat, because what is a burger without chips or fries? Haha. All in all, this is a really yummy meal and just as satisfying as something with twice the calories. If you wanted to be even healthier, you could leave off the cheese and substitute the chips for something else.
Might I add, this is really inexpensive too! :) A package of Turkey or Chicken Burgers can vary in price depending on the store, but I bought a Shady Brook pack of four today for $2.29!

Anyway, just wanted to share! I love to cook and come up with new twists on things. My husband appreciates it too! ;)

Enjoy your evening,

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