Thursday, August 2, 2012

Success is Sweet

To continue off of my last post, I am going to just share how my first week (last week) went with my new health and fitness challenge. If I wait for a time to go somewhere where there is internet so I can use my laptop to post, it won't happen for a while. It's true. It won't! So please excuse any spelling errors that my phone thinks is correct that really is not... That I don't catch. :)
My first week in the challenge, I found a really awesome app on my phone called: myfitnesspal. It has a database with millions of different foods that you can search so you can find out how many calories is in that particular food. You can also scan barcodes on products! Way cool. I set up my weight and my goal and it gave me a calorie intake plan based on that. You can also add exercise to your "diary" so it adds more calories when that is necessary. It seems awful low, but it has me at 1,200 calories a day. I have even been under that amount, but believe me, I am eating and not starving! Proteins have been essential to keep me fueled, and a good higher calorie breakfast is really important!
I actually feel the best I have in a really long time. Part of that I know is because I am more focused and am seeing results. If you actually counted how many calories you ate before calorie counting, you would be totally shocked. I am completely full from what I am eating now, yet to imagine all the unnecessary calories I was eating before that I really didn't need... It's amazing. And not in a good way!
I'm also exercising. Kick butt exercising. Really. I want so bad to be slim and healthy again that when my legs burn or my lungs hurt, I keep pushing because I want to be better. And when I push myself, the burning stops soon after and I can walk away from that elliptical with a smile on my face! The gym is amazing. I love going with my husband and working beside him when he isn't weight lifting. A little of the stair stepper, a little of the bike, some elliptical, and I am drenched it sweat. It feels good! Mentally it is nice at the end of the day to say I have gotten good exercise. It does wonders for stress and improves your mood if you are having a hard day. Better than taking your stress out on someone you love!
So my first week wasn't drastic, but I dropped 3 pounds! This week I am working out more, so I hope to see more off when I weigh in on Monday. I love having this goal, and I am really driven this time to not quit after two weeks. My family is astounded and my husband is always encouraging.
I would recommend to anyone to start eating better. Whether for weight loss or not, you will feel soo much better. And exercise- I believe that is a huge reason why  I always felt so sluggish all the time.
So, just wanted to share a bit of success and glimmer of hope for a better lifestyle all around! More later. I hope to post some ideas that have been working for me later on once I get a good grasp on this. Goodnight, guys. :)

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