Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forming New Habits

Feels like it has been quite a while since I have blogged anything about my health and fitness goals. It may seem like I have given up on it all, but that is not the case! I'm still working away on my challenge, just not so intently. ;) Things have picked up, and for some reason it just hasn't worked out to get to the gym with Kyle. He either isn't around with the car to take me when I'm available... or I'm not around to go with him when he has free time. It just hasn't worked, and is a complete bummer.

However, because of the months that I worked so hard at watching what I eat and trying out new ideas, I formed habits that have stayed with me and helped me to keep all of the weight off and lose more! I didn't even realize until recently that I am subconsciously keeping to my healthy lifestyle without even trying! I kept wondering why on earth I wasn't gaining my weight back, because I wasn't getting to the gym. And it's not like I am counting all of my calories...

It's really exciting to see the new habit formed. And it gives me great hope for the future when I get to my goal and want to keep healthy. If I can continue on with these new habits, I think it will be easier to stick with them later on.

I have been keeping pretty busy between my house cleaning jobs, recovering from the respiratory infection, being involved a lot in church events, etc. Time just seems to be getting used up more than I thought it would... for being a stay-at-home wife, I certainly have enough to keep busy with. I love the flexibility of being able to run a part time job on the side, be there for my husband with whatever he needs, be involved with things at church and positions that need to be filled, and also be a help to my parents and siblings whenever they are in need.

So with the schedule and sickness and not keeping to a strict diet and not getting to the gym... I still have managed to lose a total of 14 pounds! Woohoo! Soo excited and encouraged to keep going. I have yet to measure myself again, but I know I have lost over 12 inches since my last measuring about a month ago. So who knows... maybe more.

Also good news: I have a new cleaning job starting Friday! Credit due to Sarah Bowler, who told her friend about me, and is the reason for my other cleaning job as well... word of mouth works! Thanks, Sarah!

I have a few new recipes in the making that I want to post at another time. I am trying out new vegetables in my meal planning that I have never had before and am really wishing I had known about them earlier!

I better close this before it gets too long.

Goodnight all.

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