Friday, November 2, 2012

A little laugh

I have had an extremely long day, but I won't take the time to write a book about it! Let's just say, almost everything that could go wrong DID.

Anyway, tonight I decided to go through some of my bins packed away to see if I could add anything to my mom's yard sale tomorrow. Yesterday I found my books and supplies from taking the GCNM nutrition course and decided to pull out Dr. Andrew Weil's CDs on optimum health. Tonight I found my notes from the whole course and went through them.

My note made me chuckle:

"Fat is not evil! The more people cut out fat from their diets, the fatter they get. Haha."

Very true statement. And that is my fun fact for the evening.
Enjoy your weekends, everyone! I know I plan to enjoy mine. :)

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