Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homemade Coffee Treat

This morning I had good news... I lost another pound. It really was thrilling and exciting to have reached the 15 pound mark! Although I don't believe I can make it to 20 by Thanksgiving, I am pretty happy that I have gotten this far!

So to celebrate, of course I had to make some coffee after my healthy breakfast of yogurt and an egg on toast. And my vitamins too! I have been dying to get an espresso maker so I can make my own lattes at home, but since that won't be happening soon, I'm on my own for crafting up a yummy coffee.

To make my coffee a little extra special, I brewed a strong pot (I normally do anyway) and added some plain soy creamer. I then topped it with Cabot whipped cream and drizzled some ice cream topping (caramel) on top. To finish, a pinch or two of pumpkin pie spice. Let me tell you, it is so good! And really, it isn't full of as many calories as you would think! I counted 95 calories. Of course if you would have only opted for way less caramel than I did (don't judge! ;) it would have been less. Pretty good for a special treat, I think.

So there's a little something for you to try on occasion... Maybe even today to help me celebrate! ;)

Happy Thursday.

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