Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Nursery Progress

While I don't have any sneak peaks for you, I thought I'd share the good news that the painting is completed in our little girl's room! I have had help from my siblings, mom and hubby with all the work that went into it, which has made it go so much quicker. We repainted the ceiling to give it a clean look, painted the walls my Light French Gray color, painted the trim and baseboard white... and today, I tackled the stripes.

I have never ever painted stripes on a wall before. I will admit I was very nervous to try it. After all the hard work that went into the walls, I didn't want to totally mess them up!

To start, I had to have something to keep me motivated. You can see clearly what that was. ;) This picture actually gives you a very small glimpse of the color on the wall. I only chose to paint stripes on one wall as a focal point.

I am no expert, but they did come out pretty good and at least the lines are all perfect! This took me hours. It is very time consuming to paint stripes, especially if you are on your own. But it is done (minus a couple touch-ups after it is completely dry), and I am happy. :)

I can't wait to finish working in this room so we can move all of the stuff in there!

More soon.

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