Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sewing Projects for Baby

I am not an expert sewer - I can assure you of that! But I can at least figure some things out and do a pretty good job. I used to have days in the past (years ago) where I would battle our sewing machine rather than actually getting much sewing done! Thankfully, I have somehow gotten past that and finished some special sewing projects for my baby girl. 

The bumper pads were actually really easy, even for a girl like me! I stretched that project out a bit since I ran out of ribbon. But it would have only taken at the max a few hours from start to finish! The best way to go (I think, at least) is buying the pads ready to go from JoAnn's, especially if you have a coupon! It cost me under $30 to make them, the majority of cost being the Nu-Foam pads themselves. They are pre-cut, ready to use and come with instructions. Easy-peasy!

The small quilting project - not as easy, but more time consuming than anything. Who knows if I did any of it right, but it feels soft (the backing is flannel) and looks okay! All my corners came out awesome except for one. Go figure, right?

I had just a tiny bit left from my quilting strips, so I made a little burp cloth out of it to match. And then two more burp cloths from flannel material.

My nautical theme with a pop of coral!

I just love the whale fabric. It is so adorable! I didn't know what I would use it for when I spent hours picking out fabric last week, but it seems to work well in this quilt. I have lots more that I think I will use to recover my boppy nursing pillow. 

Bumper pad with light coral ties.

The picture is a little too dark, but I did different stitching along the edges. These burp cloths were so quick and easy. I love that I can personalize my baby stuff!


  1. I love the theme and color combination! So unique and cute! :)

  2. Thank you! I am hoping it all comes together in the end. :)