Thursday, August 29, 2013

Third Trimester

We have finally reached the final trimester. Yay! The half-way point was big for me, but now that I only have 12 weeks until my due date, I am really getting excited. So far, my pregnancy has been pretty great. I'm not saying that I haven't dealt with any pregnancy symptoms (I have experienced many!), but for the most part I have done well with it all. I've been determined to keep going and stay active.

Our baby is growing so fast! I can just tell from the amount of movement she does and how much more I can feel that she is starting to lose space in there. She is plumping up and weighs around 2.25- 2.5 pounds and measures roughly 14.8 inches long. She can blink her eyes now, and see light that filters through the womb. She is also getting smarter and developing billions of neurons in her brain. The fast growth has made mommy a bit on the tired side lately, making it hard to get much done without having to take a break.

I got my test results on My Chart (online) today from my glucose test. If I am reading it correctly, the values in my blood seem to be right on track with the standard range. I will wait, though, to hear directly from the midwife whether or not it is okay. If so, I am SOO thankful for that. See, even with the little oops I did on Friday, it still seems to be all right. I'm ready to go back to the lab and give that nurse an earful. :P

My big goals for this trimester are:
-Start working on the baby nursery and get it finished (cleaning, fixing ceiling, painting, etc)
-Get through 2 baby showers
-Organize all new baby shower gifts and find a home for them
-Make freezer meals
-Start working on Christmas presents early
-Get to the apple orchard, pick, and process
-Find one more piece of furniture for the baby room (I am hoping to find a really nice, tall bookcase to make into a baby armiore) and refurbish

I'm sure I will come up with more. You all know me.

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