Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Dresser Refurbish

I cannot begin to describe our summer. Our life has been so upside-down with not knowing what would happen next with this whole police hiring process. We were really beginning to think that Kyle would be off to the academy this month, but there was no knowing until the last minute when they called to let him know he was not selected. Strike two. We shall try yet again! I am so proud of my husband for his accomplishment in completing all the required steps with flying colors. There was nothing else he could do better, they told him, but to reapply again since there were only a few slots open for this training.

It looks kind of nice from the picture, but up close it had lots of dings and scratches.
So, without skipping (much of a) beat, we have just moved on. I almost immediately set my mind on the months ahead before baby will arrive (a little over 3 more to go!). One of the funnest parts of pregnancy - planning the baby nursery!! It was the best way I could get my mind off of the disappointment of hearing the news.

My mom had saved an older, scratched up dresser for me years ago, because I knew someday it would come in handy. It is a very little dresser, hence the reason it is being turned into a baby dresser! On Saturday, my sweet husband agreed to help me start fixing it up. We began by spraying it with BIN. After that dried, we painted it this absolutely gorgeous yellow shade, which I do not have pictures of yet. Our project is about finished, since I painted one more coat yesterday, sanded the top (that was quite a chore!) and stained the top. I will be finishing the stain with glossy polyurethane and it will be finished.
I really liked his outfit - bare feet and all :) I assured him this would not end up on facebook, just the blog. 

The after pictures will be posted soon! I have so many plans for the nursery, but first I am working on getting that extra room cleaned out... with a few occasional projects in between. ;)

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