Monday, August 19, 2013

26.5 weeks

I have been so determined to 'go-go-go' throughout my pregnancy. Not that I have a full-time job or anything, but I want to stay active and get lots accomplished throughout these months. Summer has been busy and I have been keeping right along with everything. But sometimes it's just time for a break! My body has been telling me this for a few days, and I am finally listening. Yesterday I was really achy and having a hard time standing for long. Even though there is much to do for housework today, I have decided to take it easy and put my feet up for most of the day. I got some much needed sleep this morning and also got my weekly grocery shopping out of the way. The rest of the day is devoted to relaxing up until it's time to get dinner ready.

I am not too good at taking self-portraits, but I thought it's time for another belly shot since it has been almost 3 weeks. :)
26.5 weeks - almost into my 3rd trimester!

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