Friday, August 23, 2013

Prenatal Visit #5

Today was my glucose test as well as my prenatal visit. I headed to the lab to drink the orange drink everyone has been telling me about. To be honest, I don't know what the fuss is about it being so bad. I thought it was just a really sweet orange drink and wasn't really a big issue to drink that small bottle. Anyway, that said, I then headed down to the OB/GYN office and checked in.

I met yet another new midwife and think I liked her as much as the last one. She and Maribeth (my primary midwife) are my two favorite so far. I have been so blessed to have such great midwives! I was so happy that my blood pressure was great. The baby's heart beat was around 145, and my midwife commented, "That's a happy, healthy baby!" I am still measuring perfectly, which is reassuring, as I have been worried my belly is too big. My midwife made a prescription for me for compression socks, as well, so I can get some of those. My left leg has some new spider vein breakouts and a varicose vein, so I want to try to prevent more from happening if I can!

I was also given a packet of information for this last trimester, which had my pre-admission form and the birth certificate to fill out. It is so exciting to finally be to this point! I know I still have a ways to go, but it is encouraging to only have one trimester left to go. Only 10 weeks until term and 13 until due date.

After leaving my appointment, I was so hungry (it was probably 12:40) that all I had on my mind was the delicious food I could smell from the pizzeria and cafeteria. I went and bought an iced coffee at DD and then a sub. I hurried to my car and bit into my sub and then realized I hadn't gone to get my blood taken! You aren't supposed to eat anything in the hour after drinking the orange drink. The woman at the lab wasn't too happy with me and we went back and forth for a few minutes before she reluctantly sent me into the room, complaining that I will probably have to have the 3 hour glucose test next... because my blood sugar will probably be too high... blah, blah. I felt bad, but I honestly just forgot! She didn't think I was too humorous when I mentioned I guess I have a good excuse considering my condition. I was so bummed when I found out she would be taking my blood. And for a good reason too. She gave me a really sore arm and the vein is bruising. Oh well - at least it's over! Let's pray my results won't be too off.

My next appointment is in two weeks and it continues to be that way up until the last month, I believe.

So that was my long rendition of today's visit. I will try not to elaborate on every visit! I am just so glad to have a healthy baby.

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