Monday, September 30, 2013

Ikea finds for the baby room

I always plan to get a trip in to Ikea at least once or twice a year. Twice if my husband doesn't mind! There are just so many things and deals there that you can't really find anywhere else. I have been waiting for quite a few months for the trip and had a little money saved up to go. It took a ton of self control to not fill a cart full of tons of things I could use. But, I knew I only had so much to spend, so I reluctantly walked past all the amazing items I wanted and found some things for our baby room. I had been looking online the week before we went so I could price check ahead and know what I needed to get.

For the most part, I kept with what I planned to get - and even found some additional items! I was spot on with the total price. I got a couple Christmas presents knocked off as well, though just small things. But still, it was such a fun day! We took my sister and two brothers with us and had a blast. We ate at the Ikea restaurant and that was really yummy.

Here are the things I got for the baby room. I am just dying to get this room set up! Just keeping waiting... just keep waiting...

These are just the things for the baby room. Again, another peak of the wall color. ;) Here, you can see where the floor is in pretty rough condition. That's what I'm waiting on... my dad is planning to re-sand and poly them at some point. 
This is a spice rack, but I am going to be using it for displaying books!

A new ceiling light - had such a hard time in the light section, because a lot of them are dangling lights that plug in. We are hoping this works out because it only allows a very low light bulb wattage. It basically looks like a lampshade. I love it!

This pillow may seem a bit sophisticated for a baby room, but it is so perfect for my theme. I just had to get it to throw on the twin bed that will be used for nursing and when guests come through.
The plant is a dragon tree?? I don't know - it looked cool, so I thought maybe it might add some color to the room. If not, I have a place for it on my plant stand. 

Aren't you just dying to see this room come together?

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  1. I LOVE the pillow! Can't wait to see pictures! :) Hope you're feeling well this week!