Friday, October 25, 2013


First of all, I am sorry for all of these blog posts concerning my pregnancy problems! I wish they didn't have to happen so often. After all, we always want the perfect pregnancy without complications. I used to think I was doing so well... you know, low-risk, healthy, doing great... until all this came.

I went for a prenatal visit today thinking it would just be the same old stuff I was hearing. My ultrasound looked perfect ... I love hearing how awesome the baby is looking in there. Just as happy as can be. Also pretty far down there, so they are unable to get any good face shots at this time. That is an excellent sign that the baby is in position and ready to go.

I met with a new midwife today. I wish I could have met with Maribeth, but she is not always on when I need my visits, so I was stuck with someone else. Which is fine, but at this point I feel much more comfortable sticking with someone I already know. She told me basically what I heard earlier this week - I will be induced next week, probably around Thursday or Friday. 

Then I began explaining my chest heaviness and how that happens and she got really concerned. Concerned enough to send me to the ER. Worst choice ever, people. I spent 11-5 in the ER today. It was kind of scary for me, as this was my very first ER visit. They did an EKG, then sent me to a room where they wanted to hook me up to an IV and get more labs done (I had JUST gotten three viles taken before I went to the ER). This intern EMT came in quite a few times to set up the IV while a doctor was explaining all these tests they wanted to do. I kept holding him off until I was certain about what they were going to do. I didn't need an IV! It was another one of those overwhelming situations where I just didn't know what to do. Thankfully, my mom was with me. But still, it didn't make the situation too much easier to take. I finally agreed to the IV needle so they could draw blood. The EMT tried the needle on the same vein they took blood from previously and it was painful. The blood wouldn't flow from it and he kept trying different things to get it to work... that was the most traumatizing situation of the day, though I know it sounds silly. He had to ask a nurse to come in to do it instead and took the needle out. The nurse was excellent... that guy was just weird. Lol.

To make this story a bit shorter, I agreed to an Echocardiogram, Chest X-ray and an additional 3-4 viles of blood. I did not want the chest xray, but at this point they were so worried about me that if I said no they might not have let me go. They insisted on waiting for my labs and these tests results to come back before I could leave. They even wanted to do another test on my lungs to check for blood clots where they insert this dye into the IV and see where it goes inside my body. It has radiation involved and even though they assured me that it would be okay, I said absolutely not. My baby is so healthy and I am so close to having her. Why risk this even if it is supposedly "safe"?

That is the very short version of today. My results all came back beautiful and my heart looked even better on the Echo this time than it did when I had one back in March! Weird... I guess my body is just doing strange things and the chest pressure is one of them. My heart rate is also pretty high, even with laying down for a while. It ranged anywhere from 110-125 all day. I know that for certain because I was hooked up with all these different cords all day and could see what was going on.

Oh, and guess what? The midwife sent me home with another jug for a 24 urine collection again . If this comes back high, I am going to bet that I will be having little miss Hansen sooner than next weekend! We need to just get this baby into this world and be done with all of these tests and problems and visits. One more week... I can do this. :)

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  1. ER visits always take a ridiculous amount of time >.< So sorry you had to go through all of that. And the IV trauma doesn't sound silly at all - I had that happen to me when I had my tonsillectomy, and I know how horrible it is.
    So glad that everything looks okay and better! God is certainly watching over you and the baby :) Soon all of this will be over and you'll be holding that little one in your arms! We're still praying for you.