Monday, October 21, 2013

It's coming so soon...

I made it through my weekend - yay! Just barely, though. I started feeling better after a good night's sleep on Friday. I called in to Labor and Delivery on Saturday morning and got my urine test results. They were down to 300! That was a good thing, but also did not clear me for being out of the danger zone. I still have the same problem, but the levels and blood pressure were looking better. I had a little more energy, yet still felt really icky whenever I was standing for longer than 5 minutes. The worst part of how I am feeling is mostly the weight on my chest, where if I don't sit down or lean over on something I feel like I'm going to collapse. I have also been experiencing some dizziness and nausea. Saturday night I was feeling really crummy after our Harvest Dinner at church.

Sunday I managed to pull myself together to get to church, but even sitting down I was feeling horrible. I don't know how to explain it, but anyone else who has gone through this knows what I mean when I say I just don't feel well... and... I just have to sit down.

Today I had an appointment later this afternoon where I was on the monitor for a while and then met with Maribeth. The baby is doing fine, as usual, which is always wonderful to hear! Then I talked with Maribeth. Last week I was tested for the Group B Strep, which is a typical test done to pregnant women at 35 weeks. I won't go into explaining what it is (you can Google it if you are curious!), but I tested positive for that. So at the time of labor, I will be hooked up to antibiotics to help protect the baby from getting infected. Another curve I wasn't expecting.

She was very pleased with how I have been resting and obeying her last orders. She thinks it has helped to lower my blood pressure, even though it is not perfect. Their goal in all of this has been to get me to 37 weeks. We are sticking with that goal unless things get worse. I was told that with my highest protein level at 420 last week they would have induced me right then if I hadn't been only 34-35 weeks. Plus, the baby was doing fine and my amniotic fluid was great, so they really wanted me to keep going. I will be doing another 24 urine test over the weekend. If that comes back really high like before they will probably induce me. But if it stays toward the lower side, I will most likely make it to the 37 week mark and we will be having this baby late next week.

My next appointment is Friday, where I will have a visit and ultrasound as well. That is all I know for now! I guess we know what I will be doing for the next week... it will be so worth it though if I can stretch this out to next week just because I am resting and literally doing nothing. I am beginning to get a little nervous as things aren't going as I had imagined them to, but I know that life happens and I can't control everything. God knows what is best, though, and I will just have to accept that this is how He wants it all to happen! In the end, I know all will turn out fine and by next week we will have our precious baby in our arms. :)

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