Friday, October 11, 2013

Update on Baby and Me

Eyes, nose and lips. The right side shows her hand up near her face. She looks like she has daddy's chin. :)

This is our baby girl. Isn't she beautiful?! The moment we started the ultrasound, we got a definite 100%, it's a girl. Her cute lil bum was cooperating this time. :)
This is the back of her head. The stuff that looks like grass is her hair!! Can you believe it?!

She measured the baby at 4.13 pounds. Perfect for where I am. So she is not a bruiser like everyone assumes! I don't know how many times I've been asked if I am carrying a large baby. Now we know. She measured the amniotic fluid. Perfect, also. Our baby is just happy as ever in there. She was very active during the ultrasound and one of the comments went like this, "Wow, she's going crazy in there!" No kidding - I am feeling it all the time! Such a good sign - that means the baby is doing well.  She is still head down, which is awesome. Then I found out that she has lots and lots of hair. Go figure, right? She's going to be just like her mama.

So all good news as far as baby is concerned. I couldn't ask for better news. As far as me... well, I am not getting any better, that's for sure. My blood pressure was higher today. My midwife gave me a kind little lecture on how I need to take this whole thing seriously and work at resting more. She went through the same thing with her third pregnancy and it can get very dangerous if I am not careful. I am not allowed to do things like grocery shop or go to the mall for a long period of time. I guess I basically just have to be off my feet more. I am trying so hard to take it easy, but there is just so much to get done. And I am not one to just sit around, so this is a challenge for me!

Because my protein level in the urine was so high before (323), they are testing me again. I got bloodwork done today and was sent home with another lovely jug to collect urine for 24 hours starting Sunday. If my level gets anywhere close to 350, they will do immediate induction. That is the maximum I can go. Let's hope it gets better instead of worse, or I will be having this baby soon.

So basically, baby is great, but I am not so great. I really can feel it, too. I am constantly tiring easily and just don't feel good. I have been napping lately, and for me, that means I am overtired. I can never nap during the day.

That's the update. I will be going so often, that it probably won't be necessary to blog every time. But I did want to show the adorable pictures of our little girl and explain what I heard today.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the three of us. I told my husband the other day that it is such a wonderful comfort to know there are people praying for me. It means a lot to know people care!

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