Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Monitoring...

I am tired of these visits. Don't get me wrong, I love St. Vincent's hospital! But I am getting very weary of these visits and tests and then being sent home. They say, "Just go home and rest and we will induce you at 37 weeks. Call immediately if you have any problems." So what is the point of all this monitoring if they just keep making me go home and wait? My protein level came back at 363 and even though that is high they still sent me home. I was quite surprised. So was the nurse, because she was ready to get my IV in. I went in tonight really ready to have this baby... and then I was sent home after being monitored in a room and waiting for test results.

So that's that. If my midwife sends me to L&D again on Monday I am going to insist on staying until I have this baby! Haha.

I'm so ready for some baby picture posts, aren't you? :)

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